Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Eurofighter Typhoon

A Royal Air Force mission struck a military complex in Tiji, Libya on Wednesday (25 May). One Tornado GR4 and one Typhoon FGR4 struck the facility with nine bombs. In a demonstration of the flexibility of the RAF's combination of Tornado and Typhoon, the mission was originally tasked to strike eight points. A ninth was added based on information received during the mission. The Typhoon dropped four Enhanced Paveway II bombs, the first time it has done that operationally, while the Tornado used five Paveway IV bombs, again a first for that aircraft. Both weapon types have both laser and GPS guidance for accuracy. All nine struck their intended target points on a Qadhafi regime storage facility. The strikes mean that RAF aircraft have struck 17 targets in deliberate operations in the past 36 hours, all of them direct hits. At the same time, the RAF has maintained its commitment to dynamic targeting missions. In that role they have destroyed Qadhafi regime artillery threatening Misurata. The complementary capabilities of the 1000lb Enhanced Paveway II and 500lb Paveway IV ensured that the storage facility was completely destroyed. (Photo: Eurofighter)

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