Sunday, June 5, 2011


Neuron is a European collaboration project to develop a UCAV demonstrator, Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle. Six aviation industries are participating. The work packages being managed by Saab relate to low signature (stealth) technology, flight testing, aerodynamics, avionics, fuel system, the critical part of the ground station, as well as the design and production of the main fuselage. The crafts’ length is 10 metres, width 12 metres and weight 7 tonnes. The first flight is planned for 2012. (Photo: Saab)

V-200 Skeldar

Ease of Operation - High level of autonomy for air vehicle/payload management and a modern graphical user interface makes SKELDAR easy to operate. Availability - Launch and recovery requires only minimum logistics. High Autonomy during take off, flight and landing necessitates high safety. (Photo: Saab)

V-200 Skeldar

Information is a powerful asset in any mission. Skeldar, a medium-range UAV system, can hover for hours while providing real-time information to a control station or to remote video terminal. (Photo: Saab)

L-90 TP Redigo

Valmet L-90 TP Redigo. (Photo: Jyrki Laukkanen)

F-16i Sufa

Four "Sufa" (F-16i) above the desert, on Israel's 63rd Independence Day. (Photo: Israeli Air Force)

F-16i Sufa

An F-16i Sufa parking in Hatzerim Air Force Base. (Photo: Israeli Air Force)

F-16i Sufa

Two "Sufa" (F-16i) above the shore of Acre, on Israel's 63rd Independence Day. (Photo: Israeli Air Force)

A-4 Skyhawk

Skyhawks in the air. (Photo: Israeli Air Force)